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Annuity Interest Rates

Interest rates on investments like CDs, bonds and money market accounts have remained low for many months, often less than one percent. As a result, annuities have emerged as way to earn more money on your investment and provide guaranteed income during your retirement.  

Our fixed and indexed annuities offer a guaranteed minimum interest rate of one percent. Your local Farm Bureau agent can help you understand which option would best fit your retirement strategy.  

Current Annuity Interest Rates, Effective August 1, 2020

New Money 4
New Money 8
Portfolio 6
Portfolio 10
AccumuLock Indexed Annuity
Current Interest Rate
(includes first year bonus rate, if any)
1.50% $100,000+ 1.25% $25,000 - 99,999
Not available 1.00% $100,000+  1.​00% $25,000-99,999            1.00%
$0 - 24,999

1.00% $100,000+ 1.00% $25,000 - 99,999 1.00%
$0 - 24,999 
Fixed Rate
Point to Point Cap
Monthly Avg. Cap
Bonus Rate  ​N/A
Guaranteed Rate 1.00% 1.00% 1.00% 1.00% 1.00%
Premium Type Single Premium Single Premium Flexible Premium Flexible Premium Flexible Premium
Minimum Premium $​25,000 Single Premium $25,000 Single Premium $500 initial premium, or $25 monthly EFT $500 initial premium, or $25 monthly EFT $5,000 initial premium
  Select IV Fixed Annuity  

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